There are days in our lives that we never forget and a wedding should be one of them, a day we can celebrate a scared union with all those we care about, a day of magic that will live in our hearts forever.

Parker’s Garage is an ideal spot for a coastal contemporary wedding on LBI. Photo:

Families have come to Ship Bottom Shellfish for years to prepare food for their celebrations at many of our incredible local venues. But when we opened Parker’s Garage and Oyster Saloon last year in Beach Haven, we knew it was an opportunity to offer a truly special private event experience.

“We went to eat at Parker’s the Wednesday before Memorial Day. It was set up for the nightly dinner, and it just looked so simply elegant. And it was exactly the look we wanted. Super simple, but that great style,” say Jason Hazleton of the Mud City area of Manahawkin. He and his husband, Andrew were our first official wedding as Parker’s Garage.

A Parker’s Wedding can be exactly the style and feel you want. Photo:

The coastal contemporary style of Parker’s Garage offers a different feel for an LBI beach wedding. Photo:

Jason is a local historian and was drawn to the Beach Haven heritage at Parkers.

“My grandfather worked the bay his whole life. He taught me to fish, crab, work a boat and navigate the tides,” he explains, “Melanie Magaziner had mentioned that they recently took over Parker’s Garage. And when we saw what they had done, we just instantly knew. With me being a local, growing up on the bay, and Andrew being from DC, there was enough of an urban feel.”

Parker’s Coastal Contemporary style. Photo:

“We knew we didn’t want typical round banquet tables with white tablecloths. The butcher block tables from the restaurant are actually perfect. Our centerpieces were old drawers from a wooden tool chest that was my grandfather’s,” Jason adds.

The ideal number of guests for a Parker’s Garage wedding is 150 people (though we can accommodate up to 180) and our menu options are wide open.

The Parker’s Oyster Saloon-style raw bar. Photo:

“We don’t have a standard wedding menu. It comes down to what you like. What does your family like? We have an open mind,” says Chef Kyle Baddorf, “We take what you like and serve it Parker’s style. We’re not going to do farm-raised salmon and fried frozen appetizers. We treat it the same way we treat our dinner service. Everything is sourced fresh to provide the best quality.”

Jason and Andrew started with Parker’s famous raw bar, then trays of New England Clam Chowder Croquets, Steak Skewers, Smashed Fingerling Potatoes, Goat Cheese with Fig Spread Bites, and Lamb Lollipops.

Jason and Andrew’s guests were offered four entrees: Berkshire Pork Chops, Top Sirloin, Seared Halibut and Spaghetti Squash as a vegetarian option,

Parker’s is also very in tune with local artisans and we work closely with vendors such as  Reynold’s Floral Market, Rustic Drift, Leanna Theresa Photography, and Ann Coen Photo to cover all the details of the day. We know several wedding officiants who do a wonderful job with personalized ceremonies..

Jason and Andrew were the first wedding at this venue as Parker’s Garage. Photo:

Parker’s is currently booking weddings for October and early November of 2018. We will be part of the 2018 LBI Wedding Road Show on April 22. We want your wedding to be as unique as you are and truly celebrate your love.

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